Gerd Marmitt


  1. Granularitätskriterien für Prozessdarstellung unter dem Aspekt der internen Kundenorientierung

  2. Efficient CPU-based Volume Ray Tracing

  3. Computerunterstützte Rekonstruktion von Haarfrisuren: Von der Bildsequenz zum 3D-Modell

  4. Interactive Iso-Surface Ray Tracing of Massive Volumetric Data

  5. Accelerated and Extended Building of Implicit kd-Trees for Volume Ray Tracing

  6. Interactive Volume Rendering with Ray Tracing

  7. B-KD Trees for Hardware-Accele- rated Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes

  8. Terrain Guided Multi-Level In- stancing of Highly Complex Plant Populations

  9. Fast Ray Traversal of Tetrahedral and Hexahe- dral Meshes for Direct Volume Rendering

  10. Faster Iso-surface Ray Tracing using Implicit KD-Trees

  11. Recent Advancements in Ray-  Tracing based Volume Rendering Techniques

  12. Fast and Accurate Ray-Voxel Intersection Techniques for Iso-Surface Ray Tracing

  13. Streaming Video Textures for Mixed Reality Applications in Interactive Ray Tracing Environments

  14. Algorithm for Comparison of 3D Scanpaths in Virtual Reality

  15. Modeling Visual Attention in VR: Measu- ring the Accuracy of Predicted Scanpaths